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Traditional payment systems cost consumers
billions of dollars every year


Over two billion people around the world remain unbanked


Various factors inhibit DLT solutions uptake in payment use cases: Scalability, volatility, user experience or the absence of regulation.

The Evolth network was designed with the goal of developing a next-generation payments network incorporating a robust PayPal-like consumer protection and dispute resolution scheme.

Evolth at a glance

More Scalable than VISA

Evolth is one of the first blockchain projects to create an infrastructure leveraging Hedera Hashgraph’s capabilities to create a secure, fast and a scalable DLT payment solution. Evolth will be lightning fast and limited only by network bandwidth, meaning nodes are competing in speed to decide which transaction gets processed first allowing Evolth Payment Network to process transactions at speeds over 250.000 TPS.

Browser Native

For the billions new adopters to join the market, Evolth can be their gateway to cryptocurrency and blockchain. It has virtually no learning curve. The only software needed is a web browser to start having acces to instant and low-fees transactions. The platform has an built-in browser wallet and will have a global, web-based peer-to-peer exchange allowing users to easily turn Evolth into fiat currency.

Stable coin

Evolth will have an elastic supply policy that adjusts the quantity supply of the coin in response to its market demand. Evolth is an algorithmic, fiat-pegged stablecoin that will help drive utility and accelerate the adoption of blockchain based payment solutions.

Dag-Based Infrastructure

Evolth’s distributed ledger, is based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure consisting of transactions that propagate in a unidirectional pathway. DAG is ideally suited for Evolth’s network base layer protocol, enabling it to achieve full decentralisation without compromising on Evolth’s scalability, instantaneity and low-to-zero fees.


We plan to build the SWIFTH platform following user-centered design principles which will help us in building services that people need and value. We are designing in an iterative decision-making process to determine the human-facing experience of our system and product. SWIFTH network will be accessible and user-friendly during the onboarding process and transactional experience.

Regulatory Compliance

Evolth will be fully compliant and fully welcoming to regulation. The Evolth’s technical framework will be capable of anti-money laundering and know your customer compliance to abide with government regulation in the present banking system. The Opt-in Escrow identity mechanism will allow us to bind verified identities to cryptocurrency wallets.


Evolth is planning to become a reliable payment network making it our mission to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure payment network - enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. Evolth network will provide a reliable standard for all network activity, including deposits, withdrawals, fees and transaction confirmations.


For Buyers

For buyers, we aim to minimize the risk of scams and fraud while paying online, providing full payment protection of purchases and acting as mediator of all transactions. We strive to be the best choice for buyers, by minimizing the amount of service fees for each transaction in comparison to other systems.We will develop a multi-currency wallet and that supports a variety of consumer payment use cases like peer to peer transactions ,the storing and exchanging of both digital and fiat currencies,digital and fiat currencies.

For merchants

For Merchants, we aim to provide a way to expand their client base and sale revenue by targeting a wider audience of cryptocurrency holders. This untapped market of users has amassed a large number of assets that continue to grow in valuation with limited outlets that stimulate spending. The merchant onboarding process will be streamlined to the point that integration can be completed within a few hours and compatible with several widely-adopted e-commerce platforms (e.g., Shopify and Magento).

Evolth in a comparison

Evolth will hold a DAICO token sale model, involving investors in the management of the raised capital and enabling them to vote for a refund if they are not satisfied with the project’s progress.
Funding is not released in a lump sum, they are put in escrow and unlocked progressively. Token Holders decides a monthly budget and raise it over time as the team demonstrates its ability to execute on milestones set.
At no point is complete trust placed on a centralized team. Decisions on funds from the get-go are decided by a democratic voting system. Investors will be protected via smart contracts and crowd auditability.

Token Distribution


1 000 000 000 EVH

2% - seed round DAICO sale

38% - main round DAICO sale

40% - incentives and liquidity reserve

5% - team vesting tokens

5% - advisors

10% - marketing






Main round ICO

DATES:Q3 2019


TOKENS:380 000 000




Q4 2018
— Evolth Whitepaper
— Seed Round Token Sale
— Evolth StableCoin Technological paper
— Team expansion
— Advisor recruitment
Q1 2019
— Evolth Core Network
— Web Native browser integration
— Ethereum Flavored Web Assembly Virtual Machine Alpha version
— Evolth Stablecoin Alpha version
— Seed Round Token Sale Daico Refund Poll Round
Q2 2019
— ICO Launch
— Evolth Public Test Net
— Platform Test API for Merchants (Integrate with merchant checkout mechanisms)
— Evolth Mainnet
Q3 2019
— Client API and developer SDK’s
— eCommerce dashboard
— Integration with major eCommerce platforms
Q4 2019
— Native apps iOS, Android
— Cross blockchain integrations
— Evolth Exchange
Q1 2020
— Platform Refinements & Expansion
— 1000+ Merchants

Road Map

2-3Q 2017
— Analysis of ICO market and its problems, collecting information about blockchain technology market
— Inception of the Platform’s idea
— Consulting with experts
— Formation of the Platform’s concept
— Formation of the team
— Start of the Platform MVP development
— WP creation
— ICO platform preparation
— Team expansion
— Marketing department establishment
— Publication of presentations and WP
— Internal testing of MVP
— Taking part in conferences
— Announcement of the Pre-Sale
— Preparation to launch MVP
— Start the Pre-Sale
— Launching Platform’s MVP:
  • Coaching
  • Automated generation of documents
    (WP, presentations, typical legal agreements)
  • Landing pages constructor
  • Smart Contract constructor
— Public testing of platform with first clients
— Running of the Platform's ICO
— Implementation of the token into the platform
(payment for its services)
— Expanding services:
  • Analytics
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Expert advisory support at any time during the preparation
  • Marketplace for partners
— Platform's promotion
— Partners involvement
— Running full cycle ICOs at the platform
— 100 ICOs completed
— Expansion of the list of expert services
— Development of the unique rating system
— International Platform's marketing
— Opening of the regional branches
— 1000 ICOs completed



William Andersson


William comes from a background in consulting, having gained substantial experience in fields like Risk Management and Financial Analysis at companies such as HSBC, and Zurich Insurance Group. He brings 20+ years of technology strategy, architecture and solution delivery experience across banking segments including insurance, treasury and mortgage. 

Rob Becker


Fintech expert having more than 10 years experience in business intelligence and financial markets. He worked as a fintech analyst in various big banks with a focus in South America and Europe.

Vincent Barrera


AI/Big data veteran, former Amazon Data Engineer Drawing on his considerable experience, Vincent streamlines operations,looking for ways to manage Evolth operations for competitive adantage. Experience in Venture Capital, M&A, strategy definition, and business planning

Leo Liebich


Leo is an early blockchain technology adopter and self-starter. He has over 16 years of experience in system administration, back-end development and architecture of high-load and full-cycle projects.

Giulia Jansen


Giulia is a compliance professional with over 10 years of experience in banking and a strong focus on KYC, AML, Sanctions and relevant regulations.

Tom Benoit


Tom is an exceptionally talented software architect with more than 15 years of experience building software solutions from scratch. He has hands-on approach in development of complex platforms and cloud-based solutions.

Raul Avila


A software generalist and python ninja, Raul has been tinkering across the software stack for the past 10 years. He now brings his engineering and execution expertise to Evolth , helping to move the codebase from test to production.

Ben Davies


Ben is an engineer, entrepreneur, and blockchain enthusiast. Ben’s background is in computer science with experience in Solidity, token development, Dapp development, and Python. 


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